This project is based on the ISTD 2010 brief "The Train Standing At Platform Two" which asks to create a series of connections. I chose to connect 7 stories which were all connected by strange coincidences. Beginning with Anthony Hopkins and creating six degrees of separation cycle coming back to Anthony Hopkins in the end.

The story goes as follows: Anthony Hopkins was in the film The Girl from Petrovka, on the day he went to find the book the film was based on, he found the very book on the London Underground after trying several bookshops, that very copy was the author's personal copy which Hopkins gave back to him when he met him years later. This connects to the Wizard of Oz because the author Frank.L.Baum's jacket made it onto the set as a prop for a character also named Frank in The Wizard of Oz. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon coincidentally synchronises with the film 'Wizard of Oz', Dark Side had an alternate name and was recorded at abbey road studios as was the Beatles album Abbey Road which also had an alternate name. Abbey road is homaged in the film Trainspotting, as is Lou Reeds Perfect Day. Lou Reed wrote the song Femme Fatale about Edie Sedgwick who was a muse to Andy Warhol as was Susan Bottomly aka International Velvet which is also the name of a film starring Anthony Hopkins!

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