Young Adult Exhibition - Gallery 1988

Illustration for Gallery 1988's YOUNG ADULT exhibition in collaboration with Hello Giggles.

A piece I created for Gallery1988's newest exhibition 'YOUNG ADULT, a collaboration with Hello Giggles, the wildly popular website and entertainment destination for smart, independent and creative females. The exhibition features an all-female artist line-up, with each piece inspired by the teen-focused literature from the 80′s and 90′s. The Hello Giggles co-creators, producer Sophia Rossi, actress Zoey Deschanel and writer Molly “Molls” McAleer, came up with the show’s theme and helped curate the exhibit.

My piece is called 'S is for Sweet Valley High' and is a development on my 'Meagan's Movie Alphabet' theme where I take the first letter in the title of a movie and create pictorial type using references from that movie, or in this case, the Sweet Valley High books and it's two main characters, identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield.

Giclée prints of this piece will be available to purchase from the exhibition running from the 2nd of February 2013 till the 23rd. See for more details.

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